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Cree Lighting Files Patent Lawsuit

2020 07 cree canopy.jpg

In May, our story Lighting Companies are Suing One Another detailed some recent intellectual property (IP) litigation involving number of lighting companies including JLC Tech, Prudential Lighting, WAC Lighting and Globe Electric among others.  Since then, other lighting IP-related litigation has been filed involving GE Lighting, LEDVANCE and Feit among others.

On Monday, July 6, another IP lawsuit was filed, this time by Cree Lighting.  The company alleges that a Florida company, Vootu, Inc., which is seemingly affiliated with the website "americasbestled.com" has been selling a fixture that infringes upon its patents.  A search on the Defendant's website on July 7 showed no results for the allegedly infringing fixture.

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July 8, 2020