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DMF Sues Canadian Downlight Company

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DMF accuses Lotus LED of copying its patented OneFrame product.


On Tuesday, June 30, DMF, a California-based lighting company best known for its downlights and cylinder lighting products filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Lotus LED, a Vancouver-based lighting company best known for its super thin LED downlights.

DMF is often represented by lighting agents that focus their sales efforts on specifiers, contractors and electrical distributors.  Lotus LED is often represented by NEMRA agents that focus their sales efforts mostly on electrical distributors.


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  • DMF alleges infringement of their patents:  U.S. Patent No. D848,375 and U.S Patent No. D833,977 entitled "Electrical Junction Box"
  • The DMF product is commercially known as OneFrame – "a revolutionary LED junction box housing created for multifamily construction" as the lawsuit describes.
  • DMF Claims to have started making the OneFrame in 2014 and cites each of the Lightfair public exhibit dates of the product.
  • DMF alleges "After seeing the success of DMF's OneFrame – LED housing, Lotus decided to make an imitation and sell it..."
  • As part of its case to justify the Central District Court of California as the court of jurisdiction, DMF specifically names the Lotus LED agent in California, Agents West.
  • DMF requests many things from the court including "an accounting for all profits derived by Lotus from its unlawful acts" and for Lotus to pay DMF "its damages, costs, expenses, prejudgment interest and post-judgment interest for Lotus' acts of infringement."

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July 1, 2020