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June 29, 2022   

33 New Lighting Partnerships Form

2022 06 33 New Lighting Parterships Local Markets .jpg

It's been a busy time for Manufacturers and Lighting Agents forming new partnerships.  Here is the recent roundup. 


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  • New York City: Synergy is the new agent for Liveable Cities

  • Philadelphia: Lighting Solutions has added Martinelli Luce to its line card

  • Pittsburgh: LaFace & McGovern has partnered with Deako Lighting

  • Richmond, VA: Old Dominion Lighting is the new rep for Performance in Lighting

  • South Carolina:

    • The Schneider Company now represents Bodine

    • Carolina Arch. Lighting & Design is the new agent for Baselite Corporation

    • Ardd + Winter has added Ecosense*, American Gas Lamp Works* and Rambusch Lighting to its line card

  • Nashville: Designlight has partnered with Sabin

  • Atlanta:

    • Lighting Associates, Inc. is the new rep for JLC-Tech & Sabin

    • Ardd + Winter now represents American Gas Lamp Works and Zaneen

  • New Orleans: Lighting & Electrical Assoc. just added Aculux to its line card, but the agency has likely represented the line for as long as they've been partnered with Acuity Brands.

  • Cleveland: Jack Duffy & Assoc. has added vyv to its line card

  • Cincinnati: K2SA Controls + Lighting has partnered with Spectrum Lighting

  • Winnipeg: Integra Agencies is the new rep for The Smart Lighting Company

  • Houston, TX: Putterman Scharck now represents Lumen Truss

  • Dallas:

    • LightSpek is the new agent for L'Originale

    • Bell & McCoy Lighting and Controls has added Coloronix to its line card

  • Colorado: The Lighting Agency has partnered with ID Illumination

  • Phoenix:C. Lurie is the new rep for G Lighting

  • Las Vegas: Nevada Sales Agency now represents Cooledge

  • San Diego: OCS Lighting & Control is the new agent for Inter-Lux

  • Los Angeles: Performance Lighting Systems has added EV Loop to its line card

  • San Francisco: Lighting Systems has partnered with Teron Lighting

  • Oregon: Columbia Pacific Sales is the new rep for NICOR Lighting

  • Vancouver: Inter-Lite Sales now represents 3G Lighting & Lola Lighting


*NOTE:  An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Ecosense and American Gas Lamp Works are newly represented by CAL+D in South Carolina.  Ecosense and American Gas Lamp Works are now represented by Ardd + Winter in the Palmetto State.  We regret the mistake.






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